May 2nd, 2009

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Who: Chicken Lady (VERY OPEN)
Where: The cafeteria

Somewhere in Area 42, a guard was crying. The Chicken Lady had attempted to peck his clothes off only a few minutes after coming through the Fiction Gate. He was a sexy beast. A couple of other guards had pulled her off of him.


She smelled fresh garbage as she made her way into the cafeteria.

"Hi!" CL clucked at the other dining patrons.

Her head tilted back and she made her way toward the garbage can.

"Eggshells!" She took full fistfuls of brown, moist, rotting eggshell and scarfed them down. There were some ants crawling around in them. They escaped and began crawling around on her scaly chicken lips.

She took a seat at one of the tables and cleaned her feathers.


Um. Ummm. :\

Excuse me. Emma Frost? Hi. It's me, Leia. I hope I'm not bothering you.

I just went over to see my mom, and Anakin's rolling around on the ground and crying and talking about being a slave again. And how Watto would make a better father to me than him. Oh... now he's eating an entire side of raw bacon. And some raw shrimp. And some Hello Kitty fruit snacks. They look kinda expired. I think he's going to get sick again.

Just thought you should know~