Tycho Celchu (sonofalderaan) wrote in thisisarea42,
Tycho Celchu

[finding my heart]

WHO: Tycho, Siri, eventually Ferus
WHERE: ~~corridors~~
WHEN: after this
WHAT: looking for Ferus

Tycho ran, and ran, and ran. His heart was pumping, and his mind raced. He couldn't stop thinking about ... ohgod. Ferus. Ferus without him. With him, but without him. The last thing Tycho remembered, they had been fighting over the appearance of teen Anakin, which Ferus had reacted very badly to, and Tycho'd maybe gotten him to calm down a little over it when he'd gone off to try out his Christmas presents with Trever, and then-

What happened, Tycho? The bomb went off, and ... then what happened? What made you lose all your memories? Tycho shook his head. It wasn't important. What was important was that Ferus had been having a hard time, had needed him and

Tycho couldn't remember it. Couldn't remember any of it. He could almost scream in frustration, but that wouldn't help anything now. What would help was finding Ferus. He had to find Ferus. Had to see for himself how Ferus was doing.

Sprinting blinding down the halls, eyes scanning as fast as they were able to move probably wasn't the best way to go about doing so, but Tycho was too panicked right now to be able to do anything else.
Tags: ferus olin, siri tachi, tycho celchu
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