Lee Adama (apollofreaked) wrote in thisisarea42,
Lee Adama

PILOT CHALLENGE: Only Experienced Pilots Need Bother

Who: Lee Adama apollofreaked and
Challenged Pilots
Tycho Celchu sonofalderaan with great respect
Wedge Antillies yubyubcommander you are where?
Anakin Skywalker (teen) like_animals you too kid
any other hot shot pilots
What: Pilot Challenge, only the superlative need apply
When: I've been waiting since March!
Where: The skies above Area 42

There was this day just after the breakout when several supposed pilots challenged me. I was in the air waiting but no one ever showed. So I'm calling you out. If you're interested in showing what you can do in the air let me know here and we'll set up a competition with all the interested players.

((OOC-see this post for further info.))
Tags: lee adama
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