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When Did This Storm Begin?

WHO: Sharon, Lee, maybe Helo later?
WHAT: Lee's just recently found out Sharon's a Cylon, so who knows what his random meeting with her in the hallway will lead to.
WHERE: Hallway

Sharon smiled to herself, humming a random tune that she had heard Hera singing earlier that day. She was pleasantly surprised by how good things had been going for her and her family as of late. She wasn't going to deny how tense she had been about the Kara and Lee situation, despite Helo's reassurances. Because according to her husband, this Kara and Lee didn't know about Kobol, New Caprica...they hadn't even known that she was a Cylon. She remembered what it was like to be aboard Galactica shortly after the other Sharon had been revealed as a Cylon, after she had shot the Admiral. She remembered how long it had taken to gain their trust, how many of her colleagues still didn't trust her. To start all over with them, to not have the experiences of places like Caprica and Kobol to show them who she really was... it was like reliving a nightmare.

And yet, here she was smiling and humming, off to the ice cream parlor to get a cone and a shake for her husband and their daughter. Maybe she felt better because Helo and Kara had finally sat down and talked. She knew things weren't perfect between them, and she knew that she was a great source of tension between them. But they'd had an entire conversation without either of them throwing a punch; she considered that a victory.

Or maybe she felt better because tonight Helo had the night off, a rare occurrence. Seeing Hera smile, beyond happy that she had an entire evening with her father, made Sharon beyond happy, too. And she could see how ecstatic it made Helo feel, how much he enjoyed having a night with his family, a night without dealing with any of the problems that were outside their little room. Her smile widened into a grin. Yup. Tonight, they were just like any other family. Tonight, everything was perfect.

Until Sharon rounded a corner and walked straight into Lee Adama.

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