Ferus Olin (betterjedi) wrote in thisisarea42,
Ferus Olin

Who: Ferus, Anakin
Where: Skywalker apartment
What: Throwdown time (sparring)

The sick feeling in his stomach seemed to grow the closer Ferus got to Anakin's place and no amount of centering was helping. Why, exactly, had he insisted not only on sparring with his nemesis but at his nemesis' living quarters? Where said nemesis' wife also lived? The wife who used to be his best friend but who wouldn't so much as speak to him anymore?

Ferus sighed. Part of him secretly hoped Padmé would be there, if only to try one more time to prey on her sympathy and ask her forgiveness. But the bigger part of him was grateful to find her nowhere in sight when Anakin answered the door, appearing to be much alone in the apartment.

'Skywalker,' he acknowledged stiffly with a slight nod. He held up the hand holding his lightsaber.

'I trust you're ready for a challenge?'
Tags: anakin skywalker (redeemed), ferus olin, fuck you skywalker
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