Emma Grace Frost // The White Queen (insidethepalm) wrote in thisisarea42,
Emma Grace Frost // The White Queen

who; emma frost, amelia solo, allana djo (OPEN)
what; allana's visiting post in the clinic. (aka: PAGING A DOCTOR PLZ)
where; a triage room in the clinic.

Amelia had brought Allana to Emma and Emma had taken the girls to the clinic, leaving Tripsy and Hannabeth in the telepath's room. Allana was seen by a nurse, her wrist set and a cast applied (in bright pink). Amelia and Emma had both signed it as they waited for an actual doctor.

After all, the nurse had taken one look at what Allana had been throwing up, and the green-ness of the little girl's complexion and ran off to find one of the doctors on call.

"Kill me," Allana mutters to Emma, the little girl's curls plastered to her forehead in sweat. "Please."

Emma clears her throat politely and steps out into the hall to look for the doctor again.
Tags: allana djo, amelia solo, don't play with your food, emma frost, i'd like cheese with my whine k thanks, lol oops
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