Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce M.D. (boozeandsurgery) wrote in thisisarea42,
Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce M.D.

Who: Hawkeye and Siri
Where: The Theatre

Hawkeye hummed to himself as he walked to where he was supposed to meet Siri. Checking his pocket one more time confirmed that the tickets were still there. He couldn't even remember what the movie was called. When he bought them he just asked for something with a lot of explosions. Really he was just grateful he hadn't blown up on the spot due to one of the base's quirks. With any luck it would be alright, and Siri would have a good time. Arriving at his destination he quickly found a bench, and strecthed out on it to wait.
Tags: hawkeye, siri tachi, war sucks
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