kelkapour (kelkapour) wrote in thisisarea42,

[voice post]

Hey guys, this is Kelly Kapoor and I'm so bored, so I decided I need some stimulation--

If you know what I mean!

--that was Andrew, my [sigh] partner in crime.

We're like Jesse and James from Pokemon, only more competent, and I'm not evil. Anymore.

Shut UP, Andrew! God! OK, so, like, we're going to host this Miss America/homecoming/whatever thing. Post your nominations here, you can nominate yourself, and then in a week we'll have the talent portion, the question portion, and the swimsuit contest in the theater.

There will be one for the boys and one for the girls. If you'd like to judge, you can ask here.

(ooc: I've never actually seen Miss America or the like, so pardon the inaccuracies about the sections or whatever)
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