Peter Parker (notpuny) wrote in thisisarea42,
Peter Parker

Who: Peter Parker, his science class, volunteer chaperones, and anyone else.
Where: Starting underground (classroom), moving up to a JUNGLE aboveground.
When: Monday morning.
Notes: More explanation in OOC comm!

"Okay, boys and girls!"

Peter was not, by nature, a morning person, but he had dosed up on caffeine to be extra annoying today. He grinned brightly at the gathered kids and adult chaperones in front of him.

"The other day in class, we talked about the food chain. I know, I know, when will I ever have to know this in real life, well, let me tell you, you'll be thanking me next time you have an epic battle against Kraven the Hunter or crash in the Savage Land. But we'll also get to put some of that boring theory into practice today! Anakin here--"

He waved towards Anakin Jr, who stood to the other side of the desk looking mildly awkward at suddenly being the centre of attention.

"--has found an area above ground that closely resembles the jungles of-- what was it?"

"Yavin 4."

"Right, Death Star planet, gotcha. The jungles of Yavin 4. Which means we get to go on a field trip! We'll explore part of the jungle, observe some animals, and hopefully see some real life examples of this super exciting part of science.

"But remember, the jungle can be a dangerous place, so make sure you know where your group leader is at all times, and never go off exploring on your own. Any questions before we head out?"
Tags: field trip!!!, peter parker/spider-man
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