John Connor (robots_omgh8u) wrote in thisisarea42,
John Connor

Who: Open
Where: Storage room then the Computer Lab. After that all over the base.
What: John Connor has arrived. Please join in for fun, games, and explosions. Anyone shiny and robotic especially "appreciated".

John woke up on the floor. His head was killing him, and he had the distinct metallic taste of blood in his mouth. Moving slowly he propped himself up till he was sitting. Following his training he checked himself out for injuries. No blood, not even any bruises or tender spots. That was good. Next he checked his gear. Still all there even his weapons. Now for the radio. Cycling through the channels he listened for any activity Resistance or otherwise. Nothing, and he couldn't risk broadcasting until he knew his situation.

Finally he looked over his surroundings. It looked like some kind of storage room almost like the ones they'd have back at base, but cleaner. Frowning he got up, and swept the room to make sure there wasn't any machines hiding. Moving to the door he opened it a crack and looked out. Where ever he was it was underground that much was clear. Closing the door he tried to collect his thoughts. Last he remembered he was geared up, and heading out for a mission. He hadn't left the base, so where was he? It couldn't be a Resistance post. Too clean, too well maintained. Had SKYNET captured him somehow? Then why was he still alive? It didn't make any fucking sense.

The place certainly did look military though, which meant there had to be a network somewhere. Resolved he exited the storage room and made his way through the hallways his weapon at the ready. Seems luck was still with him as the third door he tried looked like some kind of computer center. Pulling up to one he frowned again. This shit was made for humans. Pre-Judgment day. Interfacing with his own portable computer he started to hack into the system. Area 42? What the hell? Schematics that's what he needed. There they were. The place looked like it was cross between a base and a prison. Okay he had the route to the exit, and there was supposed to be a hanger on the surface. He'd head there, and hope there was something he could steal. At least he had a plan now. Just had to hope this wasn't some big game from SKYNET. Double checking his weapons he headed out.

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