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WHO: Sharon, Helo, Hera?
WHAT: Sharon's downloading
WHERE: Hallway, possibly back to their quarters

Downloading on the base was different than on a Resurrection Ship. Not any less painful or less stressful, not better in any way, really. Just...different. For one, she didn't wake up naked covered in a slick, white liquid, surrounded by her brothers and sisters. The race she had betrayed. No, Sharon instead found herself on the floor of a random hallway, clothed in her regulation pants and tanks. Sweat glued her hair to her face, and screams erupted from her mouth, a mouth that didn't feel like her own.

She just lay there, her body shaking as she screamed, for who knows how long. Seconds. Minutes. Maybe hours. And then finally, it was as if her mind and her body collided. They were one again. She sat up, startled, ending the screams now that she had control over her own mouth again. She gasped for air, taking in her surroundings.


Lee shot her.

I'm not the Sharon you knew. I didn't have an affair with the Chief, I didn't leave Helo behind on Caprica... And I'm not the Sharon who shot your father...

"What?! What did you just say?"

" don't want to do this... I didn't hurt your father...I never would..."

The gunshots echoed through her mind like it was a hollow cave.

Hera. Helo. Oh, God.

They were next.

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