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Who: GOB Bluth, open
Where: The adult/restricted section of the library
What: Pop-pop in the attic

GOB was furious. There were absolutely NO hookers, strippers or whores that he could find, and he was getting bored. So now he was in the library, looking for Playboy or something to keep his hands busy. The library was the last place he wanted to be--it smelled of geeks. Geeks and books. But he didn't know anywhere to go. The girls here all played hard to get, and they played with pepper spray and hairpulling and kicks to the shin.
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She had been looking for a book on strange Earth habits. Wandering into the adult/restricted section had been completely by accident.

She stared at the magazine in front of her with confusion. There were so many naked humans in it. And for the life of her, Jenny couldn't understand why.
GOB spotted something out of the corner of his eye. A girl. A girl who appeared to be interested in the naughty.

"So...come here often?" GOB said charmingly, leaning against the book shelf next to her.
She closes the magazine and looks at him, tilting her head thoughtfully. Maybe he could explain the pictures to her. Well, after Jenny answered his question.

"To the library?" she answered, assuming that was what he meant. "No? Sometimes? When I have questions that no one else can answer."
This girl, GOB thought, was either very kinky or very what's the word, nah...iv...e.

"Well," GOB said in a low voice. "Maybe I can help you...answer those questions, if you know what I mean."

GOB didn't know what he meant. He hoped the girl would get it, though.
Definitely the second one. It's what happens when you're only a few months old.

So she shakes her head. Sorry, GOB, she doesn't get it. "No, I don't."
GOB blinked. Now he'd have to clarify and explain his intentions.

"I mean, would you like Of a sexual nature? Make the feast with two snacks? Frump an ugly? I'm not usually this forward--" (he was)--"But would you be interested in fucking me?
Her nose wrinkled slightly. The only part of his entire speech she had actually understood were the words sexual nature.

And from that, she could only imply one thing.

"Reproduce? Without a progenation machine?"
Now it was GOB's turn to be confused.

"Without a...condom?" He guessed, and then stubbornly decided that he could make words up, too. "We could have a...projection manuever...against our mammary gelatins."
Humans had mammary gelatins? There clearly was a lot about the human physiology she had left to learn.

"What's a condom?"
"You don't know what a condom is? Oh, come ON!" GOB dramatically slammed his fist against the bookshelf. "Look, lady, I can tell already you're way too much trouble for the old in-and-out."
His reaction was confusing. She had grown used to people simply answering her questions, not making such a big deal out of it.

Jenny frowned. "My name's Jenny, not lady. All I wanted were answers."
"And all I wanted was a fuck," GOB said. "My name's GOB. Joooobe."

Damn it! He shouldn't have given his real name. At least he didn't say his last name "--Bluth."
"It's nice to meet you GOB," she answered, pronouncing his name exactly as he had (well, except for the British accent that accompanied). "I don't think I know what a fuck is, but it's nice to meet you."
"Yeah, whatever. It was nice meeting you too."

To himself, he muttered "'Been nicer if I'd gotten a fuck."
She shook her head, hearing better than that of a human's. "I still don't know what a fuck is. Can't you explain?"


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