Peter Parker (notpuny) wrote in thisisarea42,
Peter Parker

WHO: Everyone!
WHERE: Above ground
WHAT: Hiding out while the base turns into ~*magic school*~
NOTE: Use this as a general "shenanigans above ground" post if you don't want to make your own. Tag in with whatever your character is doing. (Someone's raiding the Falcon for rations, right?)

The base inhabitants were stuck aboveground for the evening. This was by choice for most people -- after all, they still might get blown up -- and to deter the rest, Peter had webbed shut the entrance to the base.

Hopefully Anakin wouldn't realise lightsaber beats webbing and go hunt for more potential grandchildren. :\

Peter had also volunteered to light a fire. What? This was like camping! There had to be a fire!

... how do you make fire, again?

He was rubbing together two sticks without much success. Why wasn't it working? That's what they did on TV, right? Damn, he knew he should've listened to Uncle Ben and joined the boy scouts instead of Science Club.

"Where's the Human Torch when you need him...?"
Tags: peter parker/spider-man
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