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The Premise:

    During the writers' strike, fans, bored by the lack of new stories and tired of the same H/W pr0ns on the internet, decided to take matters into their own hands. Driven by the knowledge that once the strike was over Fox would just cancel the good shows anyway, and inspired by an episode of Supernatural, hundreds gathered to perform a spell to bring their favourite characters to life so their stories could continue, separate from the fates of their TV (or book or movie or comic or...) counterparts.

    The spell, based on Tibetan magic, is dependent on the belief of many to create energy to materialize an entire being. Unlike the fictional version on Supernatural, the spell the fans performed was inherently for all fictional characters and so, like the original spell, the internet became a medium for this energy. But with all of fandom fueling it, the energy became so powerful it created an electromagnetic field large enough to be picked up by military devices as a threat to national security.

    The military tried to quell it, but to no avail. A portal appeared in our own reality, one through which characters enter our world ... but through which they can't leave. The area was sealed off and given the designation "AREA 42", and fandom involvement was covered up; over time, the few rumours and theories on the internets were debunked and it became just an urban legend.

    But Area 42 is, in fact, very real.

    (Though the same cannot be said for its inhabitants.)

    Originally kept locked up by the military (in an underground base bigger on the inside, thanks to Time Lord technology acquired through the portal), the characters have since broken out and are free to go back and forth between the original base and the area aboveground. They're still trapped by the magic of the original spell, though: only items that originate from this version of Earth can pass through the energy field, and everything else ends up on the other side of the grounds. Sucks double for characters dressed in Earth clothes, huh?

    Welcome to Area 42.

thisisarea42 is a panfandom game, meaning we accept any characters from any canon that has been published/released (and not written by you yourself). Characters are told upon arrival, either by the current administrators (Teal'c and Sam Carter) or the NPC guards, that they are fictional; whether they believe this or not is, of course, up to them.


- read the rules;
- check availability of your character here (duplicates allowed, within reason);
- fill out an application;
- email it to area42mods@gmail.com with "application - [fandom] - [character]" (or similar) in the subject. You can also send questions to this address.

Once accepted, make a journal for your character(s) if you haven't already, join thisisarea42 & area42_ooc (you can request membership when sending your app, to speed things up), and comment to the Contact List (not compulsory, but helpful!).

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